The Go2Guys


Services Provided: Database Marketing Strategy, Marketing Content

The Brief: The Go2Guys were eager to promote their e-book, grow their email marketing database and increase engagement with those that signed up. 

Our Solution: East mapped out a database acquisition life-cycle that allowed the Go2Guys to see exactly where the opportunities for engagement were. We were also able to suggest the inclusion of an additional step in the email process, which encouraged new database acquisitions to engage directly in conversation with one of the Go2Guys. Finally, East came up with the copy for a series of Facebook ads to promote the Go2Guys’ e-book.

In the six weeks following the campaign launch, the number of database subscribers increased by more than 35%, while Facebook page likes increased by 28% in the first week. The addition of a ‘conversation starter’ automated email also generated one-on-one conversations between new database subscribers and the Go2Guys team.


Client Feedback:

“East's insistence on a well thought out strategy, coupled with a ‘test/measure’ mentality gave us plenty of confidence... Would we work with them again? Absolutely!” Campbell Hastie – E-Book Author & Director, The Go2Guys

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