She'll Be Write: A word on DIY marketing content

July 31, 2012 at 11:41 AM

Like many kiwis, I subscribe to the (these days somewhat outdated) dream of a quarter acre paradise. My bank manager is certainly reaping the reward of my desire to rule over – and improve upon – my own patch of dirt.

After spending the better part of three years labouring over peeling paint and attempting to correct backwards layout, Mr East (who is far better qualified) and I finally made the call.

“Blow this” we said, “we’re getting in the professionals.” 

And so it began – an autumn blitz of builders, roofers, plumbers and sparky who, between them, managed to get through more construction (and Burger King) than we could in a year.

Just three months later, we’re left blinking at the whiteness of our walls, the warmth of our rooms and the pleasure of having a bathroom that does not adjoin the kitchen.

“Why didn’t we do it sooner?” we’ve asked ourselves (more than once).

A jolly good question indeed, and one that led me to wonder whether our affinity for do-it-yourself (i.e. get it done on the cheap) is the reason that so many kiwi businesses go to market with content that is poorly worded, un-edited and lacking in any kind of x-factor that might engage or compel their audience. 

My work sees me dealing with plenty of SMEs who’ve taken the marketing of their brand and products entirely into their own hands.

Rather than paying a professional, and then getting on with running their business, they’re spending hours drafting content that doesn’t do justice to their products and services, or their customers’ needs.

Now, I understand that for many SMEs – particularly new ones – there simply isn’t budget to spend on expensively ‘wordsmithed’ content. But, at a time where those of us in the SME sector are being encouraged to ‘grow up’, I wonder whether there isn’t a case for greater investment.

Food for thought anyway, as I cram in another hour’s work to keep the bank manager happy.

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