Stuck for blog ideas? 7 ideas to help you get back on track

May 26, 2014 at 10:12 AM

If you’ve committed to a blog, it can be an effort to keep up regular posts. One of the biggest complaints we come across – aside from a lack of time! – is that it’s really tough to keep coming up with interesting blog ideas.

With that in mind, here are seven great ways to get you back on track if you’re a little behind on your posts...

  1. Have a plan for the year: Be proactive and you’ll make life much easier for yourself. At the start of the year, sit down with a blank sheet of paper and think of a dozen or so blog ideas that you reckon will interest your audience. Against each idea add a few key bullet points to include. Then jump into your Outlook calendar and on the first working day of each month, add a reminder with one of the blog topics. In the notes section of the reminder, add the bullet points you’ve come up with, along with any related links you’ve found online. That way you’ll have enough fodder for at least one blog per month, and you can add in more timely pieces in as you go along.
  2. Try an infographic: If you haven’t come across them, infographics are a great way of summarising key information around a topic. They work particularly well as social media posts because their visual nature draws the eye. Of course, a good infographic does require the skills of a designer, but this needn’t be expensive if you keep the design concept simple. 
  3. Do a review: Pick a product or service that your customers are likely to use, and that has a connection to what you do, and review it. For example, a car dealer might review a new car stereo that’s come onto the market. A photographer might review three ‘point and shoot’ digital cameras to give their clients a professional insight on what to buy next time they’re in the market for a family camera.
  4. What’s your industry's regulatory body saying? Give your customers an insight into what your industry is up to. Are there new regulations afoot that might affect them in future? Are prices for products or services in your industry likely to change in the coming months? To make sure this kind of post isn’t too dry, make sure you add your own spin on the topic – and maybe a fun image to illustrate your point. Check out this great example from The Property Market.
  5. Conduct a quick poll: Use your website, email newsletter or social media channels to conduct a quick poll of your customers on a topic that’s interesting to them and blog about the results. These kinds of blogs can be a lot of fun. For example, if you’re in the IT game, you could ask your clients and followers how much of their first coffee of the day they’re able to drink while waiting for their computer to boot up. (For those who are able to consume half a cup or more, you may like to follow up with an offer to take a look at their computer!).
  6. Interview a related expert: In the fashion industry? Try interviewing a hair stylist about the latest trends for tresses. If you’re a mortgage broker, you could try talking to a real estate agent about what they see as the property sale trends for the coming months. The great thing about these kinds of posts is that often the interviewee will respond in kind by inviting you to contribute to their own blog.
  7. Outsource! At East we regularly write blogs on behalf of a range of clients, saving them the time and hassle of having to research, write, proofread and post their own content. We work closely with our clients to ensure we get the message just right and that the tone of the content fits with their brand’s unique ‘voice’. Get in touch if you’re keen to learn more.

The team at East Marketing Communications creates clever content that delivers tangible results for clients in a range of industries, covering professional and business-to-business services. Learn more about us.   

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