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September 09, 2014 at 9:40 AM

For many busy organisations (large or small) social media can easily be a case of “Yeah, I guess we should do that – get Susie to do it, she’s young.” And perhaps you will get lucky, but being the youngest and hippest member of the team may not really be the skills required for an effective social media presence (just Google “social media disaster” for examples!). 

As always, anything worth doing is worth doing well and your return on investment will be higher if you resource the work properly. If your organisation is ready to wade into the world of social media, one of the first steps is deciding who will manage it. 

To choose the right person you need to understand how and why you are going to use social media. You may find it is a case of a team approach being most appropriate; with representatives from different departments (such as marketing, sales and customer service) working together, with one person being the hub of the social media team to provide a cohesive message and consistent brand.

So which person or people are right for the job? 

  • Who has a good understanding of how social media works – or has the nous to find out? Investment in social media training is an option, so it may be a case of finding the right person and up-skilling them.
  • Who has the time to check accounts, update and reply regularly? Unanswered queries and complaints reflect badly on the organisation, and weeks passing without a post can leave potential customers wondering if anyone is home.
  • Who has the right customer service skills to deal with questions, comments, compliments and complaints? What this person does (and does not) communicate through social media is public so it needs to be someone with the maturity to make good judgement calls and the written literacy to be articulate.

Once you have chosen a person or team there are a few more things to take into consideration. 

  • How the account is set up – who has admin rights? If you have a single administrator and they leave the company they can take control of your account with them, or if they go on holiday your account can fall silent.
  • What kind of content and conversations will your audience be interested in? Find out and cater to that.
  • How will the social media work be evaluated? And how much time are they to allocate to this part of their job? 

More than anything think about how far and wide your social media efforts might reach. Future clients, employees and investors will probably check out your profiles before they do business with you – is the impression you’re giving the right one?

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