Just follow the yellow brick road? First define your Emerald City.

November 15, 2014 at 1:11 PM

Before developing a marketing plan it is so important to have, and be able to articulate, a clear vision for the future of your business.

While it may seem logical to begin by developing short term goals, then the medium and long term, looking at the ultimate destination and then figuring out how to get there can make the whole process a lot simpler.  

I met with a client recently to discuss her marketing plan for 2015. I wanted to get a good feel for her short, medium and long term goals for developing the business - and we were struggling.  I decided a different approach was in order so asked her to describe her ultimate goal. This really turned our session around; her passion for her business was inspiring and her vision was detailed and comprehensive. 

We were then able to go back and set goals around developing the business over the coming year, and from these came our marketing objectives and the activities needed to deliver on them. 

Now is the time to think about your marketing for 2015 – getting it done before the end of year rush (and the slippery slope to the holiday season) means it actually does get done and is ready to go when you return to work in the New Year.

Focussing on the end result makes it easier to clarify your business goals and marketing objectives and activities for the coming year. It will also make you more excited about putting them in place and having them waiting for you when you get back to work.

So when doing your planning ask this: What is my ultimate vision for this business? What am I trying to build? Having a detailed vision of where you want to be means you can work backwards to set those short, medium and long term goals and develop a marketing plan aimed at achieving each of them. 
When putting your plan together it is important to allow a reasonable amount of time to achieve the goals and to carefully consider what level of investment is necessary to support the plan. We see so many businesses that want to grow their business but aren’t willing to invest in the marketing activity that’s necessary to get there.

Need help developing your 2015 marketing plan? The team at East Marketing Communications can facilitate a goal setting session and create a plan that delivers tangible results. Contact us.


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