Is organic really better? When it comes to search results - absolutely!

January 28, 2015 at 10:31 AM

While touching base with clients during the first week back at work I was delighted to find one had just landed her dream client – what a way to start the New Year! I was absolutely thrilled for her and asked how the new client had found her – turns out it was through a Google search. 

Last year this client of mine had spent some time defining her dream client and then put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that her website was appealing to that dream client. The layout, design, content and blogs were all refined with this in mind. 

Her new client had looked up one of the key phrases we had been working to include in our blogs and there was my client, absolutely in the right place. After all her work it was really gratifying for us both to really see the results in action. 

One of the holy grails of online marketing is organic search results. When you use Google to search you get two kinds of responses, the paid advertising – usually at the top or sides – and the organic search results which are the main results on the page. The organic results are largely based on popularity, common usage and search engine optimisation. And, importantly, they are far more likely to get you noticed by potential clients as people generally consider these results to be more relevant to their search.

So how can you increase your chances of ranking highly in the organic search results, and being found by your dream client? A good place to start is going back to basics and figuring out who your ideal client is. You can then work back from there to make sure your website, blogs and social media presence are relevant and enticing to them, and that you are using the key words and phrases they are likely to use to find you.  

Keen to go organic? We can help.

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