How would you deal with a negative Facebook comment?

March 12, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Got a business Facebook page? You’re likely to be using it to post your blog, promote special offers and – above all – converse with your customers. 

Facebook can be a great way to build engagement and further relationships with customers, but occasionally these conversations require some careful management. 

For example – what happens when you are on the receiving end of a negative Facebook comment?

This could be in the form of a poor review of one of your products or services, disappointment at bad customer service or anger at something your business has done that has affected the community. 

These situations would have many a business owner and marketer breaking out in cold sweats – when this is the case it can be tough to think and respond rationally. So, what do you do?

1. Don’t panic! 

People are entitled to a view, and not everyone is going to love all that you say and do. That’s okay – it’s how you respond to the feedback you receive that will ultimately make the difference to its effect on your brand.

2. Get the facts straight.

Sometimes negative comments are misdirected, so first establish whether the customer’s feedback is based on fact or a wrong perception. If the latter is the case, make sure you correct the perception politely. Ideally, contact the customer offline to discuss the matter before correcting their view publicly – by doing so you may find they are happy to remove the offending post. Either way, make sure you update the rest of your fans on the resolution – if a negative post is simply removed, others that saw it may still believe it to be true.

3. Respond promptly.

Before you respond, make sure you stop and take a moment to review the situation – a panicked response will likely make a bad situation worse. Having said that, you should always acknowledge a negative post promptly – when your brand is under fire, there’s nothing worse than ‘radio silence’! If you don’t know whether the allegations are untrue, simply say that you’re looking into the situation and will provide an update as soon as you can. To speed up a resolution, offer to discuss the comments over the phone or in person with the customer who has made them.

4. Be respectful and polite.

Whether the feedback is a mild criticism or a full blown attack, it is important that your response is respectful. Your brand will whether the storm much better if others can see that you are a reasonable, rational party keen to find a solution and do the best by your customers. Whatever you do – don’t go on the defensive!

5. Be transparent & genuine.

Social media, being the highly public forum that it is, is no place to try and sweep things under the rug. If you do try, someone is likely to call you out – with an audience of thousands watching on. It’s far better to be genuinely upfront and honest – if you got something wrong, admit it and then let people know how you’re going to fix it. When you have a resolution, broadcast it so people know that you’ve followed through and put things right. 

A helpful way to approach negative comments – or indeed any comments – on your Facebook page, is to think of the page in the same way you would a retail store for your business and apply the same principles of customers service. 

Have you got any other tips for dealing with negative Facebook feedback? We’re always keen to broaden our knowledge base, so we’d love to hear them – email to 

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