3 steps to get your website to work for you

May 20, 2015 at 11:26 AM

Most businesses have a website– it is a key part of doing business and for many is the first step in their marketing plan. 

One of the big differences in whether or not it is an effective marketing tool is the degree to which businesses get their website to work for them. 

So without further ado, here are three steps to make sure your website is working for you. 

  1. Sit down and ask yourself “What is the point of my website?” 

    Think about what actions you want people to take as a result of visiting the site – whether it is booking a meeting, joining your mailing list, making a purchase and so on.  

    Use this brainstorming session to create your goals for your website. You then need to find out whether what is really happening is matching up to these goals. This brings us to our next step.

  2. Get analytical. Have a good grasp on your website analytics. That means regular reporting each month on how much traffic you received, where these visitors came from, how they found your site (organic search, social media, blog, paid advertising), which pages were most and least popular, bounce rate, forms clicked on vs submitted and so on - depending on what you want to know. Use this information to build a picture over time and analyse how this aligns with your goals. And then…

  3. Refine refine refine. If the analytics results are not matching your goals, you need to keep refining the content and structure of your site so you get more traffic and get those visitors to take the actions you want.

Working on websites and developing dynamic marketing plans are some of our favourite things to do, so if you need help with any or all of these steps call us on 0800 001 702.

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