Five Ways to Turn Your Content into a 2 Way Conversation...

February 24, 2014 at 12:05 PM

Want to get max value out of your investment in marketing content? Try turning it into a two way conversation... Here’s how:

1. Consider your topic. 

Rather than talking about what interests you, think about what will interest your customers. So many blogs, social media posts and database emails are filled with what is really just advertising content – all focussed on the business. The most effective marketing content is less about telling the reader about your business, and more about giving them a little piece of expertise or information that they will find interesting or useful. Turners Auctions do a great job with their ‘Good Oil’ newsletter – if you’re interested in all things automotive, you can sign up at 

2. Ask your followers about their experiences.

Most of us love to chip in with our two cents’ worth, given half a chance. So why not engage your audience by asking for their thoughts, ideas or experiences? By getting your customers to share a little bit of themselves with you, you’ll not only build a two-way dialogue with them, but learn more about who they are and what you can offer them. The clever people at Baby Sleep Consultant are expert at engaging with their followers on Facebook by asking questions they know will get a response. Check them out here.

3. Poll your database for their preferences.

Thinking up blog topics can be a pain in the butt – when you’ve got a million other things to do, inspiration can be hard to come by! The good news is you don’t need to spend hours scratching your head for things to talk about... Just ask your audience. The bonus is that by talking about what they’re interested in, your content will be much more likely to catch their eye when it’s posted.

4. Invite – even reward – feedback.

Make sure your customers know you want their feedback on your blogs and email newsletters. This can be as simple as including a ‘What do you think?’ link within the content. If you really want to motivate a response, try a small incentive – movie tickets, grocery vouchers or a discount on your own products or services are low cost, highly effective options.

5. Respond, respond, respond.

There’s no point in starting a conversation if you don’t bother listening to the response! Make sure you check for feedback and respond in a timely fashion – that way you have a better chance of keeping the conversation going, and encouraging others to join in too. The super-talented Antonia Baker at The Property Market is a perfect example – check out her blogs here.

What do you reckon? If you’ve got more ideas for keeping the conversation with your customers going, we’d love to hear them – email us here.


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