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December 12, 2014 at 2:08 PM

If you were to ask us what we do here at East, we would tell you we create digital content marketing that delivers measurable results for kiwi businesses. 

And you might reply with “How?” 

Well, we do this by creating and distributing relevant, valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience. 

Got it? Oh. You want to know why? Well, that is a smart question. Why is it so important all of a sudden to have a digital brand presence?

You would have heard it before; the internet has changed the world, and changed it quickly - and it can be hard to keep up. Marketing is no different. 

The scope of your digital content marketing is wide and includes (but isn’t limited to) your website, your appearance in a search, blogs, social media sites, email newsletters, webinars, media releases, videos and games.

The numbers back up the importance of keeping on top of your digital brand. 81% of consumers research online before heading out to the store when considering a major purchase*, 75% of B2B buyers used social media to make purchasing decisions **and a TNZ 2013 survey showed mobile phone ownership doubled in a year and tablet ownership nearly tripled.

This means consumers and providers are more connected than ever before and the digital and online world plays a major role in the research phase. When looking for a recommendation, or to confirm our purchase decision, many of us will turn to social media channels.

So back to you. When it comes to your digital brand presence, what are your prospects seeing? What are they saying? Does your web content revolve around what you want to say, or what your customers need to hear? Are you refreshing your web content regularly - with great content and customer feedback that has the right keywords for search?  Are you providing useful content in exchange for their contact details? Are you staying front of mind via email and social media?  Are your clients likely to ‘reference check’ you via social media and what would they find if they did?

So that is the why. Need help figuring out the how? Talk to us – we understand this space and we’d love to help.

* GE Capital Retail Bank Study, 2013** “[Social media provides] the ability to check references and work history and supply satisfaction, etc.” (IDC, 2014)


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