How often should you update your blog?

April 08, 2015 at 9:25 AM

So you have decided to set up a blog and are now wondering what you should be doing with it. Or perhaps you took that step a while ago and had a flurry of posts but now your blog is languishing, unloved, on your site - with the last post three months old (yep, I’ve been there too).  

I know I don’t need to take time here to say how important a blog can be as part of your marketing strategy, but I want to discuss how often you should be updating your blog (I won’t keep you in suspense; it is definitely more often than every three months).

There is no right answer for everyone and working out what frequency of posting works for you depends on many factors - from the industry you’re in, to your desire to boost up through the search rankings. 

One of the worst things to do is planning to blog when you have something to say, or when you get around to it - I think we all know that is when you end up with a three month gap! You need to plan how often is ideal for you to update, and then make a schedule you can adhere to. 

Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding your blog frequency: 

  • Do you have an overarching plan that covers all of your digital mediums (blog, social, email)?  Creating a plan and incorporating your blog will help you figure out appropriate frequency.
  • Consider all your digital contact with your customers and how much they will want to hear from you - not just how often you want to tell them something. Factor in other emails you send to the database (such as offers and promotions).
  • Have you got something relevant or interesting to say? Don’t just put stuff up to fill space.  Thoughtful, well written posts are more likely to get read and shared. Having a plan of what to post about can make this a lot easier -  see my blog here on coming up with ideas.
  • Is your business seasonal? If so, maybe increase your blogging and emails in the period when people are likely to be thinking about purchasing your goods or services. As this is also when you may be too busy to write regularly, if you have made a plan you can have at least some of these posts written ahead of time.
  • How will you resource the effort? Having a business owner or busy marketing manager set aside a few hours each and every week to blog is probably not realistic, but if you outsource, it could be.

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