About Us

East delivers clever content marketing solutions that make a real difference to our clients' businesses. Our focus is on adding value and we approach every project as if the client's business was our own.

Our Philosophy

Fundamentally, business is about people and how well you do in business depends largely on the relationships you build with the people whose business you want. 

The digital age we live in means there are now more ways than ever to build relationships with prospective clients... and that's where we come in.

We provide clever, engaging content that helps you build and grow customer relationships online, generating greater visibility, credibility and, ultimately, profit for your business.

So, whether you need help with your blog, email newsletter or social media profiles - call on us, we'd love to help. Talk to us today.

Who do we work with?

Our clients are spread throughout New Zealand. They come from a range of industries, including property, finance, automotive, technology and business-to-business services.

Why work with us?

Well, for starters, we're decent, down-to-earth people. We don't do ego and we won't pretend that we know your business better than you do. 

We're also into collaborative relationships - we particularly like collaborating over a cup of tea (or a glass of wine, depending on the hour). 

Lastly, we always put in 100%. Our aim is to guide you with sound, expert advice, provide value for money and delight you with fresh, innovative solutions.